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Gospel after Christendom

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With’s story represents the collective passion of leaders and volunteers to be a community who continues to pursue the hope of goodness, justice and peace for all. Our beginnings may not reflect any signs of...


With Church Life

As an experimental community, we are realizing endless possibilities on how a church can be enriched by tradition, relevant to the present and reconstruct towards the future.

We are moving away from being a church isolated from the society into becoming more involved in the spaces where we live and breathe in.

We shift our energy from maintaining ministries within the church and direct them on issues that concern the broader community.

We move away from mere attractional ways focused on bringing people in and instead also go into the spaces to be where people already are...


Being a Neighbor

Join us in our efforts to support the immigrants amongst us. We have scheduled events and vigils at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, educational meetings in churches, schools and various other locations in the Washington state and for most, simply being a neighbor living in community with them.

We closely work with various organizations already doing great work for advocacy and various needs in the area of immigration.

We meet with our local legislators to bring to them the concerns our immigrant neighbors go through in their everyday life. We also work with other leaders in the state and out of state to collaborate and bring together any contributing efforts that can help.

Partnering to grow educational opportunities in the Philippines

Thankful to have partners. For more details of the new developments.
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